iPhone 12, only one model will benefit from 5G speed


A rumor indicates that only one of the iPhone 12 models will be able to take advantage of the 5G speed, the reason, the space

A new rumor says that the upcoming iPhone 12 line will be the first to have 5G support, but a new report claims that not all Apple smartphone models will offer the same connectivity.

According to the Fast Company report, only the iPhone 12 Pro Max, that is, the highest-end model will support the 5G millimeter wave spectrum, while the rest of the iPhone 12 will be limited to the Sub-6GHz 5G frequency.

The 5G millimeter wave band is the fastest 5G network that is capable of delivering a download speed of up to 1 Gbps and is currently available in some countries around the world, while the Sub-6GHz band, is the 5G band widely. available that one would find in any country that has started offering 5G connectivity.

iPhone 12 5G low speed

It should be noted that even in the United States, the Sub-6GHz band is the one that can be commonly found with any telephone company, and the millimeter network only a few operators can offer it.

The decision to keep mmWave 5G limited to the iPhone 12 Pro Max stems from the space required for internal components, making it the only phone in the lineup that is spacious enough to accommodate a special antenna design and a larger battery for offset the additional power consumption, not to mention that only terminals destined for the United States, Japan and Korea will have support for mmWave 5G.

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