iPhone 12: Now we know who will make the impressive cameras


Apple continues to prepare for the presentation of the iPhone 12 and the manufacturers that will supply the cameras have already leaked.

Despite the delay caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, everything related to the production of the iPhone 12 has begun to normalize , so it is already known that the suppliers are already working so that it can arrive in the estimated time without setbacks.

During this month practically all the relevant data of the new iPhone 12 has been leaked, we already know that it will come in 4 versions, we know the measures, the technological innovations and even even the tentative prices, but now the names of the manufacturers of the cameras that will be equipped by the next Apple smartphones .

After in 2018 Apple tried its luck with the iPhone 11 and its premium variants the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, he noted that having high and premium range of the same product can be an excellent business, so with the iPhone 12 it will happen the same will be the regular high-end version with 2 cameras and a LiDAR sensor , and the premium range with three cameras and the LiDAR Sensor, both ranges with 2 sizes to choose from.

New manufacturers of cameras for iPhone
It is said that these iPhone could come with sensors of up to 64 Megapixels, where the iPhone 12 would have a wide angle and an ultra wide angle, while on the iPhone 12 Pro we will have the same two cameras, adding the telephoto lens and for the 4 iPhone will add the LiDAR sensor.

But we already knew that, what is truly new is that the providers of the cameras will be different for the Pro, since LG will be in charge of manufacturing the extra optics while the other two sensors will be manufactured by Sharp and O-film, with a 60-70 % and 30-40% respectively.

Although we already know who will make the cameras, the manufacturer of the 3D sensors that make up the LiDAR has not yet been revealed.


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