iPhone 12: new photos confirm the rumors!


iPhone 12: new photos confirm the rumors! Does the iPhone 12 finally reveal all its seams? While rumors are legion, its design is clarified thanks to new photos.

The veil is lifted around the iPhone 12. Indeed, the next Apple flagship reveals its design through new leaks.

Like every year, Apple’s smartphones are being desired… Thus, the iPhone 12 stirs up many lusts but also feeds many rumors.

Whether it’s its on-screen prowess or its cutting-edge design, the apple phone has not finished panicking the web. On Twitter, you can see a lot of photos and renderings supposed to represent the so-called design of the device.

Recently, it is therefore the New Zealander Jin Store, who made revelations around the iPhone 12. In his photos, posted on his account, he reveals chassis that strangely resemble those of a laptop signed Apple .

So is it the famous iPhone 12? Nothing is less sure. However, the resemblance is striking and seems to confirm the latest rumors.

As we told you earlier, this iPhone is likely to resemble the iPhone 4. Yes, Apple seems to have opted for a homecoming …


Fans of the Apple still remember the angular borders of the number 4 of the Cupertino company. Ah… The good times!

The brand therefore seems to have returned to such a style, with less rounded edges. On the pictures of Jin Store, we also see the famous photo sensors, a priori 4 in number in the same notch.

Of course, this photo only represents supposed molds for future iPhones. The factories are slated to ramp up production by next July.

As for its launch, nothing is certain, even if the firm would like to put it on the market before November. With the accumulated delays, its presentation may be delayed…


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