iPhone 12: new leaked image shows motherboard of future Apple cell phone in “L” shape


For the current generation of its top-of-the-line, Apple has left the appearance of a single motherboard to a dual layer version on its motherboard. But the company may change the design for the next smartphone family.

According to a new leaked image, the iPhone 12 will have its motherboard in an “L” shape. The revelation came from a leaker identified as Mattia_fb on Twitter. See the following publication:

The image came in response to the leaker L0vetodream, who also stated that the piece was produced in 2019, in the 40th week – which would comprise between September 29 to October 5 -, and leaked through Chinese social media.

The last times Apple used this motherboard format were on the iPhone SE models – as shown in its recent teardown – and on the iPhone 8 family. The “Apple” intention is to shape the circuit part to fit other components, like the battery.

It is still possible that the image on the main component of the future iPhone 12 shows something else that is unknown at the moment. One possibility is that, even in this format, the Cupertino giant still uses the double layer format.

Another alternative is for the plate to be used in a different product or even a prototype without being destined for final manufacture. It is worth remembering that the device has already had the possible specifications and prices released since last week.

And for you, which motherboard format would be the most suitable for the next Apple phone? Tell us!


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