iPhone 12 mockups and cases show iPhone 4 traces


iPhone 4 series had one of the most admired designs among the iPhones Apple has released so far. Due to this situation, claims that Apple could benefit from the iPhone 4 lines in the design of new models had previously been raised. The photos, which are said to belong to the models and cases of iPhone 12 models, show this effect more clearly.

With the iPhone 6 series released in 2014, Apple switched to the curved corner design and launched a new fashion in the smartphone market. Despite this, the company did not give up the flat screen design. Although the curved edges and corners are considered more ergonomic, Apple seems to be preparing to take the watch back in this regard.

It is said that straight edges will be preferred in the iPhone 12s, just like the new iPad Pro that came out this year. The traces of the return of the flat corner design preferred in the iPhone 4 series are also seen on the models. One of the photos even compares the iPhone 4 with the 5.4-inch screen directly.

iphone 12

These mock-ups do not give an exact idea of ​​what the iPhone 12 will look like. The mock-ups for case manufacturers do not help predict issues such as the array of cameras or notch size. However, there is a square cut for the rear camera on the cases.

Apple is expected to offer four models in the iPhone 12 lineup. In addition to the standard model and the Max version, the probability of Pro and Pro Max models to appear in front of users is quite high.

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