iPhone 12 mini Users Say the Lock Screen Is Unresponsive


The users of the iPhone 12 mini, the smallest phone in Apple’s iPhone 12 family, express their complaints about the screen. Users are expressed that the touchscreen is unresponsive on the lock screen.

One of the iPhone models introduced by Apple at the event this year was the iPhone 12 mini, which attracted attention with its small size. In a news we transferred to you this week, we stated that the users of the iPhone 12 mini encountered battery performance problems due to the size.

Offering a battery life of only 4 hours in intensive use, the iPhone 12 mini apparently also creates problems for its users with its small screen. iPhone 12 mini users have expressed problems on the phone screen in various forums.

iPhone 12 mini display problems

iPhone 12 mini users say the device’s touchscreen is partially unresponsive on the lock screen. Users who find it difficult to turn on the camera or flash light, in addition, experience various problems in swiping the phone’s screen lock with their thumbs.

According to the complaints made by the users, there are problems with the thumb even if the other fingers work. Of course, encountering such a problem on a phone designed for single-handed use does not help users much. According to users, this problem can sometimes disappear when the phone is charged or used without a cover.

Currently, it is unknown how many users have experienced this problem. However, it can be seen that it is not an issue that only a few users encounter. In addition to the battery life, we cannot say that these problems with the screen are a very good start for a newly released phone.

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