iPhone 12 Mini Production Remarkable Claim


iPhone 12 mini production is a remarkable claim. One of the four phones that Apple introduced last fall, the iPhone 12 mini seems to lag behind the other three models with its sales performance. Although there is no official statement from the company on this matter, there are many signs that support this idea.

A news published on the TrendForce site shows that Apple has completely given up hope on the iPhone 12 mini. The report states that Apple has stopped production of the iPhone 12 mini and will continue to sell until the current stocks run out.

Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini as the most affordable model of the iPhone 12 family.

According to projections, the iPhone 12 mini could only have a 5 percent share of the total iPhone 12 sales. Despite this picture, Apple is also expected to introduce the follower of the iPhone 12 mini in the fall.


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