iPhone 12 mini: everything we know to date


3 weeks ago we should have seen the new iPhone 2020 in Apple’s usual September Keynote. But they did not appear, assuming valid rumors that the new Apple mobile models this year were going to miss September and be presented the following month. And among them would be a cheaper model for those looking to have a new and recent iPhone but not top of the range.

Up to 4 iPhone 12 models

All the (un) official information indicates that it will be on October 13 when Apple celebrates the event in which it will present its iPhone 12, a total of 4 models that will also have different dates of release in stores.

The ‘standard’ models of the iPhone 12 can be reserved from October 19, while the Pro versions would take longer, and would not be released until sometime in November. Of course all this is unofficial data, but it is true that these leaks are getting more and more correct.

Four iPhone 12s? Well yes, that is what is expected according to all the ‘leaks of experts and sources in the sector:

– Two top-of-the-range iPhone 12 models with 6.7 and 6.1-inch screens

– Two more ‘cheaper’ iPhone 12 models with 5.4 and 6.1-inch screens

According to ‘leakster’ Jon Prosser, the initial shipment of iPhone 12 units will go out to dealers on October 5 before the launch event, and this will include the 5.4-inch “mini” iPhone 12 – which he claims is “definitely the definitive brand name” – and the 6.1-inch model of the lower-end iPhone 12. Prosser claims that the two high-end Pro models will be announced at the same event but will ship in late November.

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