iPhone 12 mini, everything we know about Apple mobile


Follow live and direct the presentation event of the iPhone 12 at Betech. Today is the day when we will finally see the long-awaited iPhone 12 2020, which have been made to pray a month more than usual for the extraordinary situation that the world is experiencing. And among them, among the four iPhone 12 models that we will see – it would be surprising if they were less in the end – one is the one that has attracted the most attention. One that seems to be the ‘Lite’ version of Apple phones this year, and that Apple will call ‘Mini’.

iPhone 12 Mini with retro design

Mini? iPhone 12 Mini, that seems to be the definitive name of the cheapest model of all the new Apple mobiles that would come out this year. A terminal that we could define as the entry model in the 2020 iPhone, and that would present the same ‘retro’ design with curved edges but a more pronounced design in its straight lines, which would also recall the classic iPhone 5 with that size.

With a 5.4 ” OLED screen, the 12 Mini would be below the new iPhone 12 in size, but above the iPhone SE announced in April this year – whose screen is 4.7 ”.

Do you have 5G or not?

Internally, and according to leaks this week, the iPhone 12 Mini would be the only new iPhone that would not have 5G support. In fact, in a story confirmed by Wall Street Journal analyst Tom Forte, prices for the iPhone 12 would range from $ 1,000 for the 6.1 ” models to $ 1,200 – 1,300 for the 6.7 ” model. while the 12 Mini would have a price in the USA of 700 dollars.

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Several aspects would contribute to this price reduction, starting with the absence of 5G technology in order to reduce costs at the terminal. And according to the Gizchina website, which cites the ‘leakster’ MauriQHD, it would also be less powerful due to the use of the B14 chip, a processor created by Apple for mid-range terminals manufactured using the Apple A14 Bionic chipset as a base.


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