iPhone 12 may be released on October 13


Apple may hold the launch event for the iPhone 12 line on October 13, according to a new rumor. The Apple Insider website received the date from a “trusted source”, which also revealed when device pre-orders are due to begin: the 16th of next month.

According to the publication, the person responsible for the leak of the date is the employee of an operator in the Netherlands. There is still no concrete information indicating that the launch date is correct, but another telephone company in Europe has hinted at the imminent arrival of the new iPhones.

MacRumors shared an image of an internal presentation by British Telecom that shows Eddy Cue, one of those responsible for the Apple Services segment. According to the website, the operator says the new iPhones will be revealed soon.

“We are just days away from Apple’s next big launch, an iPhone 5G, which will be a big boost for 5G,” says Marc Allera, CEO of British Telecom, in the leaked presentation. “Teams everywhere have been preparing all year to face this launch and be Apple’s number one partner in Europe.”

Apple has not yet officially commented on the matter and has not released the official date of arrival of the iPhone 12. So far, the company has only confirmed that the arrival of smartphones will be delayed, so the devices have not been launched at the company’s latest event, this month.

While there is still no confirmation, there are great chances that October will mark the arrival of the brand’s new cell phones. Recently, Apple indicated that it could present the devices in September, with sales starting next month.

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