iPhone 12: Manager recommends using old cables


One of the biggest points of discussion related to Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the removal of the charger and accessories from the box, which displeased many and generated ironic responses from rivals. The only item to keep in the package, besides the phone, was the Lightning to USB-C cable, which in theory would allow the use of other chargers already purchased by the user. The measure, according to the company, is to reduce environmental impacts by reducing carbon emissions.

However, there is a catch: chargers with USB-C connections are still scarce on the market, already taking into account any Android users who migrate to the Apple ecosystem. For those who are already immersed in Apple products, more obstacles, since only those who owned one of the most robust iPhones of the past generation had access to the accessory. Anyone migrating from iPhone X or earlier will be required to purchase a new charger, conveniently offered as an extra purchase by the company.

For the solution for these people, according to Apple itself, is to use old cables. Participating in the Rich on Tech podcast, Kaiann Drance, Vice President of Product Marketing for the iPhone, encouraged the owners of the new iPhones to use other cables with a USB-A connection if they do not have a USB-C charger.

“You can still use your old Lightning cables and any of the plug adapters that work. Any of them will still work. In fact, we encourage you to use them too, ”said the executive. “Now, if you need a new one, we’ve included a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. It is different because it is more modern, it is faster ”.

Kaiann Drance also mentioned the possibility of using MacBook adapters, which use USB-C, or even direct connection to computers, which for the most part already have the port. Drance discussed even more details about support for the 5G network, the new Ceramic Shield glass, concerns about MagSafe, among other issues. You can check out the full conversation in the following video:

The Apple iPhone 12 hits the market this Friday (23), with prices starting at around US $ 699. There is still no forecast of launch or prices for Brazil, but rumors indicate that the family may start at around R $ 6,999, reaching R $ 14 thousand in the Pro Max variant.


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