iPhone 12: MagSafe May Interfere Pacemakers, Study Says


iPhone 12: The iPhone 12‘s current MagSafe connectivity technology can cause interference and reduce the effectiveness of functioning of important cardiac implants such as pacemakers.

That’s the conclusion of a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, which supported a report previously published in another journal, the Heart Rhythm Journal, that makes the same claim.

According to the researchers, using Magsafe in direct contact or near the skin and in the vicinity of pacemakers could result in interference. The three models of the iPhone 12 line were tested, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max was the one with the most risks

At least three different brands of implants showed “magnetic susceptibility” and activated the asynchronous reversal mode, a kind of automatic protection mechanism. If it stays in this mode for a long time, this can affect the functioning of the device in case the patient needs to be resuscitated.

The study looked at both models implanted in humans and devices out of the box, but without surgery.

What Apple Says

In January of this year, Apple recommended that people with implanted pacemakers must keep a minimum distance of 6 inches between their mobile phone and the device. The company confirms that the iPhone 12 generation uses more magnets than the others, but that this does not increase the interference capacity of the devices.

Charges about the risks of magnets of the type in brand devices appear since 2013.