iPhone 12 Line Exceeds 100 Million Units Sold


iPhone 12: Market consulting firm Counterpoint Research has brought good news to Apple in a new sales report. According to the company, the iPhone 12 line has already surpassed the mark of 100 million units sold worldwide.

The survey takes into account data up to April 2021, which means that the total may now be even higher. In addition, estimates indicate that the brand was beaten in just seven months of sale — taking 60 days less than the iPhone 11 to reach the same number and nearly matching the pace of the iPhone 6’s commercial success, which is just above. .

Another curious fact is that consumers embraced the more expensive versions of the model: 29% of the models sold in the family are the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the most powerful in the line.

This preference also makes the revenue generated by Apple greater, since the devices are more expensive: the Apple would have collected 22% more with the current generation than with the iPhone 11.

5G connectivity is seen as the main differential of the generation, not to mention greater memory options and the A14 Bionic chip. Even a scientific explanation has been suggested for the success of smartphones.

It is also worth remembering that the brand completed 14 years on Tuesday (29), the date on which the first iPhone started sales. If you’re curious to see how far the lineup has evolved, a test compared the performance of Apple’s first and last cell phone.


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