iPhone 12, everything we know about the new Apple mobile


Follow live and direct the presentation of the iPhone 12 through Betech. Tuesday and 13 is the day that Apple has chosen to present its new phones.

In itself we should have known them for a month, but the Coronavirus pandemic has altered Apple’s plans – the main cause of the delay has been the closure at the beginning of the confinement of the factories in China in charge of mass manufacturing the terminals. But today is the day, and within hours of seeing it officially, we are going to review what is known about the iPhone 12

We will see a notch on your ultra-fast screen

Let’s start talking about the data that is rumored about the design of the iPhone 12. On its screen we would not see many changes at the aesthetic level since months ago it was said that the terminal would not carry notch. What the images and renders appeared throughout the year show is a smaller top tab. Without leaving the front, the screen would have a refresh rate of no less than 120 Hz, something that the most gamers will appreciate when seeing a very fluid screen in movement.

All four new iPhone 12 models from Apple will have OLED displays for the first time. Previously, only high-end iPhone models used OLED displays, with Apple using LCD in low-end models. Apple will market these new displays as “Super Retina XDR”, and there will also be new glass technology on the front with increased durability.

Retro style design

We turn to the external aspect, to the general structure of the terminal, where the iPhone 12 leaks suggest that we will have a different device than what was seen in previous years. Based on the model we saw three months ago, the iPhone 12’s design ditches the rounded bezels as it has done until now.

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Instead, it will be a nod to the iPhone 5 series, which looked like a structure embedded in a metal frame that protruded slightly from the sides of the device. The layout of the buttons would continue as before, but what is a big question is the layout of the cameras. Some claim that the Pro Max will have up to four lenses, something that all renders review and this afternoon we will see confirmed or denied.

5G for everyone and Smart Data

All four variants of the iPhone 12 will also feature 5G connectivity for the first time. Rumors currently suggest that iPhone 12 models in the United States will include support for mmWave 5G as well as sub-6Ghz 5G, while models sold in other countries will only include the latter. There will also be an element called Smart Data Mode, which consists of allocating 4G / 5G according to the bandwidth of the application, in such a way that 5G will only be used when necessary to improve battery life.

What is not yet known is whether this capacity will be intended for a single model or will it be one more variant to be chosen by the consumer. What does seem clear is that its release date will not be in September, but in October for two of the iPhone 12 models and November for the 12 Premium models – such as the iPhone X, which at the time came out later than the iPhone 8 .


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