iPhone 12 claims to come without accessories!


With less than a month to the introduction of the iPhone 12 series, details about the devices continue to emerge. We have previously shared with you the claims that the iPhone 12 series will not have a charger in the box. The new report shared by TrendForce once again confirms these allegations.

iPhone 12 can appear without accessories!

According to the report, Apple’s new phones will not only come out of the box without accessories, but will also be priced higher than previous models. In addition to the charger, it is stated that wired headphones, ie EarPods, will not come out of the box.

In this context, it is stated that Apple will charge for a 20W fast charger, and the number of those who do not believe this claim is quite high. For example, how to respond that new iPhones do not have a charger in our country? We are waiting your comments…

Considering innovations such as Lidar in 5G and Pro models, it is normal for Apple to try to reduce costs. However, it is not normal for him to do this through accessories. The price expectation for the devices is as follows;

  • iPhone 12: starting price of $ 699 or $ 749
  • iPhone 12 Max: starting price of $ 799 or $ 849
  • iPhone 12 Pro: starting price of $ 1049 or $ 1099
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: starting price of $ 1149 or $ 1199
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