iPhone 12: check it has been exposed to the green screen


The iPhone 12 was quite successful in the first reviews in its four versions. However, the models are susceptible to an uncomfortable problem that occurs on their screen, which can turn greenish momentarily. The problem was reported by several users and acknowledged by Apple’s technical assistance, which now works on a software fix – the main suspect for the error.

Unlike the previous cases, the greenish screen error is not a hardware defect, as occurred with LG’s OLED parts in predecessor models. The new series of cell phones from Apple, however, uses screens from both LG and Samsung and, until then, there is no data to prove the highest incidence of cases in any of the specific models, reinforcing that the problem is directly in the system.

Checking the problem

To check if the new iPhone 12 is susceptible to error, just go to a low light environment, reduce the phone’s brightness to a minimum and access a dark background application with low contrast, such as WeChat or some application with partial night mode.

It is important that it is not completely black, as this could make it difficult to see the error. If it is susceptible, the device’s screen should have an unpleasant greenish appearance that tends to get worse with time of use. Fortunately, Apple is already working on a fix.

Availability and price

The new iPhone 12 will be available in Brazil starting next Friday (20), with a suggested starting value of R $ 6,999, ranging up to R $ 13,999 in the most powerful models.

It is hoped that the problem will not affect sales of the new model and will be corrected soon by Apple, considering that it is an error found internationally.

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