iPhone 12 can arrive without headphones in the box to boost AirPods


Apple may stop delivering headphones in the box of future iPhones to try to boost sales of AirPods, the brand’s wireless earbuds. The information comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known market analyst who has sources close to the company.

According to Kuo, the company may launch the iPhone 12 without wired headsets in the box. Soon after, the company must carry out promotions or offer special discounts on AirPods that are present in the market today.

The analyst estimates that Apple may also cut the price of AirPods, as the latest model in the line has been on the market for more than a year. Another possibility, according to 9to5Mac, would be a package with iPhone and wireless headphones with a promotional price.

In any of the scenarios, the analyst bets that the company will win. According to Kuo, Apple is expected to sell up to 93 million units of its wireless headphones this year, even without the launch of a new product for the line. According to the analyst’s predictions, the firm should only bring a new AirPods to the market in 2021.

The end of an era?
Wired headsets have been present in the iPhone line since the first model in the series. The last major change made by Apple with the accessory occurred at the launch of the iPhone 7, when the company abandoned the 3.5 mm connection and started offering EarPods with Lightning cable. Even with the change, the accessory was still sold with the cell phone.

If the information provided by the analyst is true, this will be the first time that an iPhone will hit the market without a headset in the box. So far, Apple has not officially commented on the matter.

The launch of the iPhone 12 should occur in the second half of the year. According to rumors, the smartphone line should arrive with support for 5G and renewed design.


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