iPhone 12 Break-Resistant Charging Cable Appears


Claims that the iPhone 12s will have durable charging cables have once again been raised. Some images shared on Twitter reveal that Apple may prefer very durable charging cables in its upcoming phones.

In a news we shared with you a few months ago, we reported that the charging cables of the upcoming iPhone 12s will have a mesh design. Although Apple has not made a statement about these cables so far, the latest photos that come show once again the mesh design of the charging cables of the iPhone 12s.

Images served on Twitter today show Apple will release more robust cables for the iPhone 12 series. In fact, the weak nature of traditional lightning charging cables was one of the issues that Apple users criticized. 2020 model iPhones seem to eliminate this problem.

This is how the charging cables served today look like

Images leaked in recent months revealed that the charging cables to be used in iPhone 12s will be made of rhodium-plated ruthenium. The images leaked today show that the charging cable of the iPhone 12 will be in the same design. This material offers significant advantages, especially in terms of durability. In short, the age of tapping the charging cables of iPhones will be eliminated with the new generation of charging cables.

As you can see from the images, Apple’s new charging cables will have a USB Type-C port on one side and a lightning port on the other. Cables with this type of connection provide fast charging of supporting iPhone models. In fact, users can charge their smartphones 50 percent in just half an hour, thanks to these cables.

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By the way, it should be reminded that Apple has not offered a robust charging cable with a braided design for iPhone or iPads. However, the company already sells cables of this nature for the Mac Pro and HomePod. Consequently, it is not an unexpected development that the company will start offering durable cables in its new generation iPhones.

iPhone 12 may be the only accessory out of the box, this cable

One of the most striking claims about the iPhone 12 series was about the box contents of these phones. Because according to the claims of many sources, Apple will remove the wired headphones and charging adapter from the iPhone 12 box in order to reduce the cost. If these claims are true, we can state that the only thing that will come out of the iPhone 12 box, other than the phone itself, will be this charging cable.


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