iPhone 12 box contents will be different in France!


Recently, the new iPhone family and HomePod Mini were introduced as part of Apple Event. The decision made by the company for the contents of the iPhone box was on the agenda as well as the devices announced during this event. The company has announced that the charging adapter and headset will no longer come out of the box with the phone. However, the contents of the iPhone 12 box will be different for France. According to the laws of France, it is mandatory to have a headset in the box.

EarPods will be found in the iPhone 12 box in France

Apple decided to remove the charging adapter and headset from the iPhone boxes. This situation was prevented by a law in France. In French law; Smartphones are required to come with “hands-free products” or “headphones” to prevent the damage caused by electromagnetic radiation to children.

In accordance with this law, the content of the iPhone 12 box was different for France. Apple; He said that the iPhone 12 family will include a phone and a Lightning cable in the box, but in France, EarPods will also come out of the box. EarPods were also listed on Apple’s online sales site in France.

In addition, if we look at this law in France in more detail; Any product containing radio equipment in the country cannot be sold without a wired headset. Even distributing this product free of charge is against this law. The penalty for failure to comply with the law is 75,000 euros.


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