iPhone 12: Apple is preparing 4 new models in 2020!


The iPhone 11 has just come out. Still, Apple is already looking into the future. Four models of iPhone 12 would be in preparation to satisfy the fans of the American firm. What to expect from these new copies?

The iPhone 11 already seems to be getting older. Released less than a month ago, he has satisfied the expectations of Apple fans. Thanks to its long-awaited triple camera, it becomes the most powerful smartphone in terms of camera. The extra-large shots and its high definition have managed to convince a very demanding audience. But despite this performance, the iPhone 12 already seems in preparation. It could outclass once the camera’s camera of the previous model.

The owners of the iPhone 11 are surprised. Because Apple is going to improve the camera again. However, the triple camera of the previous model already seemed very strong. The iPhone 12 will have four cameras. One more so for always more width and quality for the camera.

And the new generation embodied by the iPhone 12 will come with a lot of novelties. For the first time, four models will come out of concord. This is in any case what analyst Morgan Samik Chatterjee asserts. We will find a classic model of 5.4 inches. Two 6.1-inch models, a classic and a pro will also be launched. The most upscale will be the pro at 6.7 inches.

We also know a little more about the modalities of these devices. They will all benefit from an OLED slab. Both pro models will have 3D sensitivity. These two models will surely represent the best smartphones on the market. Especially for the camera. As often with Apple. We do not know more about this new project.

So, convinced by these iPhones 12? Which one makes you feel the most? Hard to resist these four new models anyway.


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