iPhone 12: Apple may abandon controversial notch


The iPhone 12 can reach the market without the cutout on the screen. The controversial notch inaugurated on the iPhone X houses a selfie camera, Face ID sensors and the speaker. However, behind-the-scenes information shows that the company wants to set aside the big cut that is also present in the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. With that, the screen would be free of any interference and the components would become lodged on the edge of the device.

The images were released by the Svetapple blog. The portal built renderings, that is, images made by the computer with projections of what may be the final product based on circulating rumors. Therefore, they are photos that do not necessarily portray the smartphone that will reach the public.

The renderings reveal a cell with straight edges and a thick frame around the display, wide enough at the top to be able to replace the notch function. A separate drawing also shows that the entry for the chip must remain on the right side of the phone body.

Some recent rumors about the future launch point to the presence of a ToF sensor and OLED screen in all versions of the new iPhone. It is also speculated a 120 Hz ProMotion display, 5G connection and RAM from 6 GB. So far Apple has not released official information about the brand’s next premium phone.

The expectation is that the new line should be presented in September or October, as usual in the organization chaired by Tim Cook. However, the new coronavirus pandemic could disrupt the apple company’s plans. Some rumors indicate that it is possible that the company’s production was affected and that the launch of the cell phone may be delayed.

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