iPhone 12: Apple, chip and charger in the box


Apple held a conference on Tuesday (15) to announce, among other news, new models of iPad and Apple Watch. However, between the presentations, the BGR website also noticed two clues about the next great product to be revealed by the company: the iPhone 12.

With the absence already expected, the new smartphones from Apple had at least one component present in the transmission: the processor. The A14 Bionic chip, which is from Apple itself and is produced in architecture at five nanometers, will be present in the new tablets and possibly in the cell phone models, even if it is in a variation.

The processor is hexa-core, comes with a four-core GPU and is capable of performing 11 trillion operations per second. Compared to the A12 model, the processing unit’s performance improved by 40%, with graphics receiving a 30% performance increase.

Second clue

The other element present in the presentation and which can be repeated on the iPhone 12 is the absence of a wired charger in the Apple Watch Series 6. Rumors that the smartphone case will no longer have an included charging unit have been circulating for months and the company even has already conducted a survey on the subject with consumers, which raises even more suspicions. Although this behavior has not been repeated in the iPads, which have the component, this was seen as a clue to what we will see in the new phones.

The reason is sustainability, since several users already own products from previous generations and have accumulated over the years cables and chargers that also serve for new models. To receive the item, you need to pay an add value and purchase it separately.

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The revelation of the iPhone 12 has no date yet, but it should happen in October 2020.


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