iPhone 12: Apple is betting on better autonomy!


According to our colleagues from Mouv ’, rumors are already circulating about the Apple iPhone 12 and increased autonomy as soon as it is released.

Just 5 months since the new iPhone (iPhone 11: editor’s note) went on sale. Already, rumors are circulating about her little brother, the iPhone 12. No wonder when you realize that today’s society is growing at breakneck speed. As soon as we have the chance to get the latest technological jewel, we already want to see something more efficient. Apple seems to have understood this.

That’s why the apple company already has a lot of ideas about the iPhone 12. One of them is sure to delight fans of their smartphones. Since the latter have existed, there has not been a year in which their autonomy has not been pointed out. Indeed, discharging at a crazy pace, some regret the Nokia 3310. The ancestor who could sometimes last a whole week without needing to be plugged into an outlet!

Apple knows that its users dream of finding a device that lasts as long as the battery. Precisely, the iPhone 12 could do wonders at this level.

Of course, the release of the iPhone 12 is not planned for now. This leaves time to create the most efficient tool possible. As we were letting you know, the company would work on autonomy. As our colleagues at Mouv ’know, the new version of the iPhone may have LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) panels.

These, compared to LTPS (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon), would facilitate the integration of flexible screens. But also, as the media add once again, LTPO panels consume 5 to 15% less energy! A huge number that should greatly improve the performance of the iPhone 12.

It remains to be seen when Apple’s new gem is due to be released. Without getting too wet, we therefore opt for an outing in September 2020. As happens almost every year.


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