iPhone 12 and Pro sales forecasts did not hold!


The iPhone 12 series was released on October 13th with Apple’s online promotion. After the introduction, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, from these four members of the family, were released on October 23. Although the official results for iPhone 12 and Pro sales have not yet been announced, it seems that the iPhone 12 sales forecast made by Apple and key analysts will not hold.

So, which of the models has been in more demand a week since its launch? Apple parts supply is an important clue for the answer to this question.

Which iPhone 12 model saw more sales?

The new iPhone models formed long queues in front of Apple Store stores this year as every year. Before the iPhone 12 series went on sale, famous analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone 12 will be in more demand.

After a short while, the information from Apple was that the iPhone 12 model was expected to see more demand. However, although the sales figures have not been announced yet, the iPhone 12 Pro model seems to be in much more demand. The fact that this demand is higher is hidden in Apple parts supply.

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According to the information that has emerged, Apple is preparing to place an additional order for the production of the VCSEL chip used for the LIDAR sensor. As you know, LIDAR sensor is used in iPhone Pro models. However, Pro Max is not yet available for sale. The Pro Max model will be available for pre-order on November 6 with the iPhone 12 Mini. The two models will be available on November 13.

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While it’s too early to say that Ming Chin Kuo’s predictions are not accurate, the famous analyst seems to have updated his predictions. Accordingly, the sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be close to each other and will watch in the 30 – 35 percent band. The famous analyst estimates a percentage of sales in the band of 15-20 percent for the iPhone Pro Max and 10-15 percent for the iPhone 12 Mini.


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