iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 will come with a notched design


According to the information reported by Ice Universe, Apple will continue to include a wide and thick notch in the iPhone 12 models it will introduce next week. What’s more, the iPhone 13 models will also have a wide notch, albeit thinner.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple’s iPhone development work this year has been greatly interrupted, and the iPhone 12 family will be available to consumers about 1 month (October 13) after the original date. To be honest, iPhone 12 models have been perhaps the least-leaking iPhone models in recent years, so we still have no idea about many of the features of the iPhone 12s.

World-famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a previously shared note that the iPhone 12 models will have thick notches like the current iPhone 11s, only the iPhone 12 mini will be an exception in this regard, and the iPhone 12 mini will be the other iPhone 12. He suggested that it would come with a smaller notch than the models. Since then, there has been no leak supporting Kuo’s claim.

Illustration ‘showing’ the notch size on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models

Ice Universe, a name that has previously leaked many smartphones, has supported Kuo’s claim about the continuation of the notched design with a tweet he shared yesterday. According to the Ice Universe, iPhone 12 models will continue to use the existing thick and wide notched design.

Moreover, according to the Ice Universe, the iPhone 13 models to be introduced next year will also continue the notched design approach. Only the notches will have a ‘slimmer’ design than on current models. Nevertheless, considering that the introduction of the iPhone 13 family is close to a year, we can say that it is useful to be skeptical at least to the claim regarding the iPhone 13s.

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