IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro test! Here are the details


We have been able to test the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro in recent weeks and there is a lot to be said about Apple’s latest smartphones, although the upcoming arrival of 5G will have a major impact on their performance.

Even if, as for several years, we largely knew what the new models of the iPhone were going to look like, it is nonetheless very pleasant to scrutinize every nook and cranny when held in hand. As expected, the aluminum edges of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are perfectly reminiscent of those of the popular iPhone 5 and 5S. Thin, light and elegant, we are won over by the white models of the iPhone 12 and the pacific blue of the iPhone 12 Pro that we have in our possession. Power, photos, autonomy, new charger, 5G compatibility: find out below our verdict on this new vintage of the most famous smartphone in the world.

Au-delà des capteurs photo, l'iPhone 12 Pro et le 12 partagent le même design élégant

A very high level screen

On the screen side, both phones are equipped with a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display and this is the very first time that a non-Pro iPhone has been equipped with an OLED screen! Suddenly, it is very pleasant to see the level of contrast on the two screens, offering vivid colors and deep blacks. One only needs to look at the phones start screen to see how deep blacks literally change the perception of screen quality. For those who had not yet experienced this: welcome to the wonderful world of OLED! However, it seems that the OLED panel of the 12 Pro is somewhat superior to that of the 12 in terms of screen brightness, excluding display in HDR. Despite everything, in both cases, it is enough to launch a series like “See” (available on Apple TV +) to be ecstatic in front of the quality of the image, but also of the sound.

In addition, according to Apple, these new iPhone models benefit from the Ceramic Shield, which results in them being 4 times more resistant to drops. We are not amused to verify them, but we take their word for it. If this exterior part is beautiful and sturdy, what about the interior? Equipped with the all-new A14 Bionic chip, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have so far had no trouble managing all the apps launched at the same time, running games efficiently on Apple Arcade, or really ensuring when of video content playback. From the start, we have been talking about the performance of the 12 and 12 Pro simultaneously, because it must be admitted that these models are substantially identical. There is, however, a major difference between the two …

The photo, a differentiating point

And yes, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, which we could see what it looked like from the inside, are not equipped in the same way in terms of photo sensors. The first has an advanced dual camera (ultra wide-angle, wide-angle) while the second inherits the pro photo system (ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto). In addition, the Pro can shoot in 4K Dolby Vision at 60 frames per second, (compared to 30 for the 12), and offers many more photo editing options. Finally, the Pro model has a LiDAR Scanner for portraits in Night mode and next-generation augmented reality experiences.

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Le Mode Nuit de l'iPhone 12 Pro (à gauche) vs celui de l'iPhone 12 (à droite)

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12

Autonomy and MagSafe

Screen quality, power, photos, games … It’s all well and good, but the battery life factor is key to the quality of the smartphone experience. At 30 hours of use per week, the iPhone 12 Pro holds up well, only needing to be recharged once every two days. Speaking of reloading, the highly anticipated MagSafe charger is making its debut. This induction charger, thanks to its magnetic system, is simply placed on the back of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro to recharge them without connection. It is compatible up to iPhone 8 but also wireless AirPods, but the magnetic adjustment is only done on newer iPhone models. Going up to a power of 15W, this MagSafe remains inferior to an AC adapter (20W), it remains a much more optimal solution than a single USB charge and it is interesting to note that it costs less (45 euros) a set of USB cable – Mains adapter (50 euros minimum).

Le MagSafe s'aimante au dos des iPhone 12 et 12 Pro

Les coques ont été construites en prenant en compte le MagSafe

More than positive verdict, while waiting for 5G

If there is one component of these models that we were unable to take into account, it is 5G. the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are Apple’s first 5G compatible smartphones and in order to conserve their battery, they will default to 5G when necessary, and will be in 4G when not in use. use. It will depend on many factors, but we can’t wait to see what these new iPhones will give in terms of connection speed and autonomy once 5G is available! The latter will arrive in a few regions as early as next month, so there is not much left to wait to test all this for the lucky ones who will have access to it.


Respectively available from 909 euros (64 GB) and 1,159 euros (128 GB), the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are substantially identical, the second being better endowed in terms of photo and video than the first. This vintage 2020 is excellent, returning to a design much appreciated by iPhone fans and offering a power worthy of the name, as well as a brand new magnetic charger which makes its small effect. First 5G compatible iPhones, it remains to be seen how these two will fare, especially in terms of autonomy. Regardless, we are not taking a risk in saying that they will appeal to fans of Apple, which has seen big this year since two new additional models have just been released, namely the iPhone 12 mini (which you can discover in video) and iPhone 12 Pro Max


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