IPhone 12, a video leaked of the production line


A new video circulates the network and shows the final design of the iPhone 12, it appears to be a pre-production model

Today the mystery of what the iPhone 12 is going to look like has ended, since a video has been leaked where you can perfectly appreciate Apple’s next smartphone and some rumors are confirmed.

Curiously, the iPhone 12 has been the smartphone that has given the Cupertino house the most problems to produce it, first it was the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that affected the production lines of Apple’s smartphone causing a long delay for its presentation.

So far no specific date is known for its official presentation but it seems that it will not be possible for it to happen in September and it will have to be postponed until October, which implies that the sale to the public would also suffer a delay and cannot be acquired. on the customary dates.

Throughout these last months, there have been no more leaks related to the iPhone 12, as well as multiple rumors, especially those related to the rear photographic module.

Final iPhone 12 design revealed

Now thanks to a low-resolution video, some of the rumors that had been circulating on the network are confirmed, this regularly happens when the iPhone is about to be presented, or even until the very moment of the Apple event.

In the images you can see that it would be a pre-production unit, which shows what the final design of the terminal looks like.

The rumor that the design would be influenced by the iPhone 4 is fully confirmed, since the edges are flat again, while the photographic module looks exactly the same as the iPhone 11 Pro, although there could be some differences that are not appreciated with the naked eye .

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What is certain is that both the iPhone 12 Pro and the Pro Max will have notable differences compared to the regular version, although so far we can deduce that it is an iPhone 11 with flat edges.


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