iPhone 11: a technical bug changes the color of the phone


For a few days, iPhone 11 users have noticed a technical bug. Unlocking changes the color of the mobile.

It is not uncommon for a smartphone model to be the victim of a bug. In recent days, the iPhone 11 has displayed a green tint after unlocking.

Ah, electronics can play tricks on you! Is your iPhone 11 completely bugging in recent days? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one!

It’s no secret that Apple’s smartphones are known for being high-end. Moreover, their quality appeals to millions of people around the world.

But it happens that the devices are victims of bugs. While some can be repaired at the click of a finger, others require more time!

And that’s the case with the iPhone 11 right now. Indeed, the smartphone changes its display color after unlocking. For users, the problem turns out to be quite disturbing!


As you can see, users notice a funny bug. After unlocking their iPhone 11, a strange green tint appears on their screen. It can be very surprising, we grant you.

So for the moment, it is still difficult to explain this problem. But some consumers are gathering on the Reddit forum to find a solution.

According to the testimonies, this bug does not only concern the classic iPhone 11. Indeed, users of the 11 Pro and 11 Max complain of the same phenomenon!

Thus, the latter observe the same thing: this green tint appears only when the dark mode and the night shift are activated.

However, one user managed to get rid of it! His solution? Download the iOS 13.5.5 version, which is not yet fully developed …

Despite his experience, other apple consumers still prefer to wait for Apple’s intervention. They don’t want to damage their smartphone with an iOS beta version!

But for the moment, Apple refuses to speak on the subject. We will have to wait a little …


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