iPhone 11 Pro Max works after a year submerged in lake


iPhone 11 Pro Max: Dropping the phone in the water may be a death sentence for the device, but it is not always so: an iPhone 11 Pro Max was found in Taiwan’s largest lake and, even after a year of being submerged, the device is still working.

According to the Apple Insider website, a Taiwanese known on Facebook as Chen reported on the internet that he lost his iPhone at Lago Sol Lua, located in the municipality of Yuchi and known to be the largest body of water in Taiwan. After several falls during the tour, which involved the practice of Stand Up Paddle, the man ended up letting his cell phone escape and went without seeing the device for about a year.

Recently, however, Chen’s iPhone 11 Pro Max has surfaced. In early April, the island of Taiwan was hit by the biggest drought in the area in about 50 years, which lowered the levels of the Sun Moon Lake. With that, Chen’s cell phone was found.

In addition to recovering his smartphone after a year, Chen was even more fortunate: the iPhone 11 Pro Max continues to function as if nothing had happened. After recovering the device, the Taiwanese put the device to charge, managed to turn it on and use the device’s functions normally, according to the Apple Insider.

Speaking to Taiwanese media, Chen said he was surprised by the water resistance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. “There is no water in the device,” said the user. “I am very happy to recover my iPhone after so long.”

The iPhone 11 Pro Max was launched in 2019 with IP68 certification, ensuring resistance against water and dust. In addition to the natural protection of the Apple device, Chen’s phone was wrapped in a plastic bag, which certainly helped the device survive underwater for so long without apparent damage.


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