iPhone 11 Pro Max beats Galaxy S20 Ultra in battery test


iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra had their batteries tested by the YouTube channel PhoneBuff, which specializes in comparisons. Apple’s cell phone won, lasting an hour and a half longer than Samsung’s competitor. With the help of a robot arm, smartphones carried out a series of activities, such as phone calls, checking emails, using social media and games.

Energy consumption was recorded during the execution of each one. When the phone from the South Korean manufacturer was completely drained, there was still 17% battery left in the cell phone of the apple company.

The third test was an email check. The robot updated the inbox, opened the same messages and rolled the screen. In the end, the energy loss had been the same as in the previous test.

The mechanical tool then performed an hour of browsing on the same websites, followed by an hour on Instagram. After that, the devices were subjected to 16 hours of Stand By. The energy expenditure of this last test was the same, 6% on both smartphones, but at that point the iPhone 11 Pro Max still had a 62% charge against 52% of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Apple smartphone won again in the hour-long round of videos on YouTube, but tied for game testing. During the match of the same game, cell phones lost 10% of charge. In the next two tests, navigation on map apps followed by 60 minutes of streaming music on Spotify, the iPhone won again.

The finish came during the Snapchat round. After 35 minutes of testing, the Galaxy S20 Ultra turned off, leaving the iPhone 11 Pro Max with 17% power. The Apple smartphone completed the remaining 25 minutes with 12% battery power and held steady for another hour and five minutes, while the robot arm tirelessly opened and closed applications.

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To make the test fair, the devices were calibrated to perform the tasks. However, the Samsung cell phone has a 120 Hz refresh rate screen, while the iPhone has a 60 Hz display. This difference may have influenced the Galaxy’s performance compared to its rival, but the test was done with the screen configured with fee at most because this is one of the most important features of the smartphone.


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