Iphone 11: Apple must increase its production to meet the demand!


Apple has decided to increase its production of the new iPhone 11. The demand is too large, stocks are already exhausted.Who said that purchasing power was down? Certainly not the users of the Iphone 11.

Indeed, the new Apple smartphone, on sale since the end of September, proves to be a great success. Like previous editions. Indeed, the new jewel of the brand with the crunched apple flows like rolls despite its rather high price.

Apparently, Apple did not expect such success. Because, believe it or not, Iphone 11 is approaching the out-of-stock situation. According to the Japanese daily Nikkei, the phone and computer brand had not expected so many sales: “This autumn is much more loaded than we expected. Initially, Apple had been cautious when ordering (whose estimates were lower than last year, Ed). But after the rise in orders, the volume of production of the iPhone 11 will be higher than last year, “explained a source noted by our fellow Clubic.

It is for this reason that Apple has decided to increase its production of Iphone 11 by 10%. So history to satisfy all the populace who wants to get up to date. But also be “On Fleek” with its “three” cameras.


By increasing its rate of production of Iphone 11, Apple proves that its customers do not hesitate to pay big money to have the latest smartphone in fashion. Because yes, if you want to have the latest technological wonder, it takes no less than 1200 euros … The equivalent of a salary for some French citizens.

Moreover, even with this amount, you will not be able to use your device 100%. Indeed, reproaching the Apple brand to create phones with a battery more than mediocre, fans have learned that the Iphone 11 was 5 hours and more compared to the previous version.

Only concern, to benefit from it, customers must get a special adapter, costing 35 euros. But also, a cable USB-C towards lighting which, him, costs 25 euros. The “modest” amount arrives at 60 euros … A figure far from negligible for customers who do not seem to slow down their purchase.


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