The special editions that ‘Caviar’ of some mobile phone models usually create are lush, sometimes strange, but always incredibly expensive. It is your business model and we respect it, and given the time they have been doing this we conclude what market it should have.

The top line for the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone Pro Max (they skip the normal 11, it will be very cheap and not worth it), it is one of the rarest that have been removed from the sleeve, with models for Mike Tyson and Marilyn Monroe.

Mike Tyson’s is limited to 50 units, total number of victories of his professional career as a boxer. Each unit has a titanium part on the back, with a floral pattern, which Caviar says adds a special brutal dynamic to the design.

With each of the phones comes a piece of sports equipment, in a protective glass, and the cheapest of these iPhone 11 Pro “Iron Mike” will cost $ 5,850.

In the case of the Marilyn Monroe edition, the materials used are very similar, titanium with PVD, complete with exquisite and intriguing ornaments. He has lips on the back, in honor of the Hollywood diva, and also brings an extra, which in this case is a piece of clothing.

Marilyn’s version of the iPhone 11 Pro will cost slightly less than the other, about $ 5,100. Both creations join the models of Ali & Frazier (which came with parts of the uniform of both boxers), Steve Jobs (who wore a turtleneck sweater), or The Beatles.

  • And if you think these versions are too cheap for you, you can always look for the “Christmas Star Diamond” model for your iPhone 11 Pro, which ‘only’ costs $ 130,000. For believers and rich people.


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