iPadOS 15 Gets Support For Windows NTFS File System


iPadOS 15: Apple recently announced a number of new developments during the WWDC 2021 conference, which is aimed at developers. In addition to the highlights, some minor improvements expected by fans did not appear in the spotlight, as in the case of the iPadOS, which quietly received important updates in its “Archives” app.

The “Files” application is now able to access data formatted in NTFS, a file system developed by Microsoft and used by default on the Windows platform. Discovered by YouTuber Steven Fjordstrøm, the new feature allows iPadOS users to use storage devices in “read-only” mode, preventing any modifications, but allowing copies.

In addition, you can now also view the progress of the file transfer on iPadOS 15 — a basic feature that was sorely missed, as noted by YouTuber Linus TechTips. There is a small circular progress indicator, which can be tapped to display more information about the process, such as time remaining and the possibility of canceling it.

Plus, there’s another small file system improvement for users using mice, pointing devices, or even a trackpad on iPadOS 15. You can now click and drag to select multiple files and perform actions for a set, such as copying , move or compress.

These small changes make the workflow more convenient and uncomplicated, especially when considering Apple devices aimed at the professional audience, such as the iPad Pro. The iPadOS 15 is still in the testing phase for developers and should be officially released in the coming months .


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