iPad Strengthens Its Position In The Tablet Market


iPad strengthens its position in the tablet market. Data from research firm Counterpoint Research shows that Apple’s iPad series has slightly increased its influence in the tablet market. Apple’s share of the global tablet market increased by 53 percent year-on-year to 37 percent. In the same period of 2020, the company’s share in the tablet market was 30 percent.

The report states that the decrease in competition in the tablet market in 2020 has benefited both Apple and Samsung. In this process, while the two companies in question regularly renewed their portfolios, other tablet manufacturers acted in line with decisions such as downsizing or closing.

Apart from Apple and Samsung, the other company that increased its share in the tablet market was Lenovo. Lenovo’s market share increased from 5 percent the previous year to 9 percent. Huawei’s market share decreased from 11 percent to 5 percent. The market share of other manufacturers decreased by 10 percent.

The base iPad model takes the lion’s share of Apple’s tablet sales. Liz Lee, senior analyst at Counterpoint, stated that the sales performance of all iPad models was very good. While the share of the base iPad in sales was 56 percent; The iPad Air 4 followed the base model with 19 percent and the iPad Pro with 18 percent.


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