iPad Stolen From Church Is Tracked And Leads Police To Suspect


iPad: Last Tuesday night (16), police in East Wenatchee, Washington, USA, located and arrested a suspect in May robberies, including two churches. The 31-year-old Joseph Lee was located thanks to an iPad stolen from one of them. He was arrested in Chelan County Jail, charged with possession of stolen property.

The information, aired on local radio NewsRadio 560 KPQ, was relayed by police chief Rick Johnson. According to him, the iPad was stolen from New Song Church in Grant Road on the morning of the same day. The device was tracked thanks to Apple’s “Buscar” system, available for most of the brand’s electronics.

According to Johnson, the suspect was found in a residence after an investigation and connection to “some recent robberies and assaults in our area in the last month”. In total, considering five different victims, approximately US$ 10 thousand (approximately R$ 51 thousand, in direct conversion) in items were recovered.

On the other hand, the police did not recover the stolen iPad that was traced back to the residence. Two Apple computers, laptops from other brands, construction equipment and other items were found, which were allegedly stolen in four other actions.

Similar cases have been reported in the past. Earlier this year, the case of an iPhone 11 found by police after being stolen was also reported. In Apple’s service, users can, in addition to locating devices, lock iPhones, iPads, Macs and others remotely.


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