iPad Pro With M1 Has ‘superpowered’ Camera, Developer Finds


iPad Pro: In April this year, just over a month ago, Apple unveiled the company’s latest iPad Pro, and among the model’s features is the presence of the M1 processor, also from the manufacturer – in addition to a camera with “superpowers” hitherto unknown. Who released the information was Lux, developer of the application Halide.

When analyzing the performance of the equipment for capturing images and videos at the launch, the team responsible for the app came across a real “microscope” on the back component of the tablet, through which it is possible to “take amazing macro photos without any accessories.”

The device, he notes, “easily focuses on things much closer to its sensor” when compared to the iPhone 12, which has a different lens design and only focuses from about 8 cm away.

To prove what he says, Lux did not fail to share some of the “art” he created with the iPad Pro – like the material below. However, the surprises did not stop there.

It’s not sorcery…

Speaking of the 12 MP front camera, the developer points out that the launch of the company from Apple carries a dual system in which, even with only an ultrawide lens, extra pixels software corrections allow to enlarge the image clipping and recreate the scene accordingly with what would be presented by the wide aspect, with the benefit of eliminating distortions.

“It’s a classic Apple story: they did a very smart thing that can only be achieved when the hardware and software work together. The software part is where the company’s excellent cameras get their fantastic quality,” says Lux, in its detailed analysis.


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