iPad Mini: Development That Excites Those Who Wait!


iPad mini next generation has been expected for years. Finally, there are exciting claims about the iPad mini series renewed in 2017.

The iPad mini offers, in Apple’s words, power that cannot be underestimated in a small size. The device, which is the choice of those who want a light technology that does not take up much space, has been waiting to be renewed for years. But in the face of this supply, Apple also has a conflict with the designs. The spell that hasn’t broken for years may finally be breaking down.

iPad mini may come up with a brand new design

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPad mini will appear with a brand new design this fall. This development has been expected by Apple fans for years. Because the design of the iPad mini has remained largely the same since 2012. When we look at the design of the last generation, it is seen that this design belongs to a few years ago.

The 5th generation iPad mini, which belongs to 2017, not only offers an old design, but also lags behind in performance. In recent years, Apple has started to see this product as a stepchild and focused on the iPad Air and Pro series.

The release of the last generation iPad Air with a completely different design was a sign of the company’s new design line. It has already been understood that there will be design changes in other products after the new iPad Air. We expect this for the iPad mini as well; We expect Apple to increase the screen-to-body ratio and make the bezels less visible.

Apple doesn’t like to throttle performance, even in its entry-level products. The next generation iPad mini will carry the most powerful A-series processor.

Many analysts are pointing to the autumn months for the new iPad mini. We will be keeping you informed of the developments from the event that will take place in the autumn.


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