IPad and MacBook with OLED screen in 2022? Apple’s plan according to rumors


To the disappointment of some that Apple has not yet adopted OLED screens, rumors are circulating that this will change for iPad and MacBook models that would arrive in 2022.

According to industry sources cited by the Taiwanese publication ‘Digi Times’ Apple plans to launch iPad and MacBook models with OLED displays in 2022 due to the supply chain.

Apple has gradually increased its use of OLED displays starting with the Apple Watch in 2015 and later with the iPhone X two years later. Currently the iPhone 12 line also has this technology.

However, for many, the arrival of OLED screen technology to the iPad and MacBook models is still pending, especially taking into account the multiple benefits they have over LCDs.

Among these are higher brightness, improved contrast with deeper blacks as well as wider viewing angles among others, however currently Macbooks and iPads continue to use LCD screens.

iPad Pro with OLED won’t arrive in 2021

And is that the arrival of OLED screens has been so expected and rumored that a previous report mentioned the alleged arrival of new iPad Pro models with this technology during the second half of 2021, however that was already widely denied.

And it is that according to sources directly related to this production, it will be difficult to launch an iPad with an OLED screen until 2022 due to the conversations between Apple and its suppliers in Asia.

Apple’s plans are yet to be revealed, however this evidence and reports suggest that we could see iPad and MacBook models with OLED screens in a year or two.


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