IPad Air has a new fingerprint sensor


The fingerprint sensor on the new iPad Air could perfectly fit the iPhone 12 and bring TouchID back

One of Apple’s surprise hardware announcements last week was the relocation of the iPad Air’s fingerprint sensor to a small power button at the top of the screen.

This Touch ID home button location change shows Apple’s plans to put a larger edge-to-edge display on the iPad Air for the first time, but it’s also an ideal location for the fingerprint sensor, which would mean the return of Touch ID but now on the iPhone 12.

Apple has opted for Face ID in practically all its iPhones, thus offering a quick way to scan the face and unlock the phone, with the iPhone SE being the only smartphone that does not support Face ID.

Face ID is a great proposal, however a large number of users still prefer the possibility of unlocking their smartphone with their fingerprint, so the return of Touch ID would be very well received by many users.

Touch ID back on iPhone?

Rumors have also been circulating that Apple is including in-display fingerprint technology for the upcoming iPhones for months, although nothing official has been done.

Adopting the iPad’s fingerprint sensor on the iPhone’s power button would allow Face ID, Touch ID, and a large screen, leaving users to choose how to unlock their smartphone.

Apple’s new iPad Air is the first major change to Touch ID in years, paving the way for a similar system on iPhone SE models and hopefully the larger iPhones that currently use Face ID.

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Apple’s reputation is to introduce new technology only once it’s ready, so it should be understood that the iPad sensor is as fast and reliable as the company claims.


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