iPad Air 4 design leaked! Here are the details


While it is unknown when and with what features Apple’s next-generation tablet iPad Air will come, an analyst shared a post. Although its accuracy is not certain, the user guide in the published image contains information about the iPad Air 4 design and a few features. If this leak is real, the tablet, of which we know very little details yet, will bring an era to the Air series in terms of design.

The design we know from the iPad Pro series can eventually be used in Air models.

iPad Air 4 design replicates Pro series

An analyst named Duan-Rui made a mess with the visual of the manual he published. This manual is claimed to belong to iPad Air 4. However, reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also says that a new 10.8-inch iPad will be available later this year.

If we look at the details in the user manual, we see that the screen / body ratio has increased considerably. However, the home button has been removed. These details on the screen side make it look like an iPad Pro.

One of the most noticeable features in the guide may be the entry called Smart Connector. The 3-pin connector located under the cover of the device will allow the use of accessories such as Magic Keyboard.

However, it is said that the new iPad Air will use USB-C instead of Lightning, just like the iPad Pro.

We know that iPad Air models do not support Face ID. Touch ID was working on the home button. It is among the rumors that the fingerprint reader will move to the power button with the home key removal. The person who raised this rumor is Ming-Chi Kuo himself, who says that iPhone SE will not have Face ID.


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