IOTA Price Rises With These News


IOTA (MIOTA), one of the largest cryptocurrencies, almost doubled in 30 days. MIOTA price continues to rise, with studies done by the IOTA Foundation.

IOTA (MIOTA) rose from $ 1.28 to $ 1.49 in one day. The IOTA Foundation carried out the following work at the time that the MIOTA price rose:


  • Chrysalis update: The IOTA team announced that they continue to work on the Chrysalis update. It was stated that the integration processes and various test phases of the update are underway. At the same time, it was informed that the last stages of the operations of the network transport mechanism have been reached.
  • Smart contracts: It has been announced that the necessary procedures for creating smart contracts on the network have been completed. With the update named Alpha, developers will be able to write smart contracts within the network. However, it was stated that the lower bound price of smart contract fees is zero dollars.
  • Pollen testnet: The v0.5.0 update for the network’s Pollen testnet has been released. Integration with Mana has been achieved with this update.
  • Bee: Bee, the first node for Chrysalis, was released.
  • NFT: IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener made a speech about NFTs on the agenda.
  • Support came for the update: It was learned that Hornet team helped Chrysalis and some changes were made to the node system.
  • Austin Tech Council: IOTA joined the Austin Tech Council.

IOTA (MIOTA) price

IOTA gained 89 percent on the monthly chart, 11 percent on the weekly chart and 10 percent on the daily chart. MIOTA has a market value of $ 3.9 billion and a daily transaction volume of $ 285 million.


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