iOS14.5: Facebook Asks Users to Help it Stay Free

iOS 14.5: When we thought that Facebook had tried everything to prevent the anti-tracking measures implemented by Apple in iOS 14.5, the social network started to display, both in the main app and on the Instagram screen, a warning to its users that both services can become paid if iOS device owners do not authorize app tracking.

After appealing to shabby arguments in full-page ads in American newspapers, stating that tracking only allows “showing more relevant ads” and “helping small businesses,” the Menlo Park company has now started using the word “help” to beg (and pressure) your users.

Facebook fears

The fact is that Apple has always stated, in previous clashes, that it is not against advertising itself, but advocates that customers have full control over it. In this sense, the big question for Facebook is that most users will probably use the “no” option, when asked to authorize the use of the random advertising identifier (IDFA).

Apple’s new Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) options window not only aims to prevent unwanted tracking, but will also act as a kind of guardian, to prevent applications from trying to offer monetary rewards for users to allow tracking.

Because Apple has allowed developers to opt out of displaying iOS 14.5′s special screens and dialog, Facebook is using a tactic to release the novelty little by little, while trying to use its persuasive power to convince iPhone owners. that by blocking tracking, they will be turning the social network into a paid service.



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