iOS vs Android: See which WhatsApp functions are unique to each operating system


WhatsApp is one of the most used apps in the world, although it has gained a new feature to create custom stickers, there is a lot of difference in the app for Android and iOS. With that in mind, the WABeta Info portal decided to draw up a list of the main differences found in the app on these two systems.

The list created mainly points out features unique to each system that are not yet under development for either Android or iOS, so in it you won’t find items that are already present on both.

Among the iOS exclusive features we can mention the preview of chats without sending read receipts, the option to keep media that was deleted for everyone in your gallery and even blur images with the editor integrated in the app.

You can also download images from URLs, trim videos in the built-in editor, play voice messages through notifications without sending read receipts, and see the total amount of unread chats while chatting with someone in the app.

Among the unique features of Android, we have the option to send photos without compression as a document and select several or all chats in editing mode, which allows you to archive or delete several at once.

We hope that some of these features will arrive for both systems soon, as this would make the experience of using the app more equal among all users regardless of which device they are using.