IOS Malware Has Claimed 128 Million Mictims, Reveals Apple Email


The trial between Apple and Epic Games has again revealed Apple’s internal documents that prove and detail some events from previous years. This time, the lawsuit served to bring details about the malware known as XcodeGhost, which it attacked in 2015.

According to messages revealed in court, the malware that was a fake copy of the original Xcode claimed 128 million victims, with only 18 million of them in the United States – users in China were the most affected. The invasion happened with the download of 2,500 applications that were affected by the malware.

The one who made the announcement in the email was Dale Bagwell, who at the time was the Consumer Experience manager at iTunes. The messages also show that the company was slow to decide whether to notify all victims by email, given the high number of affected people, giving up halfway through the technical difficulties of notifying so many people from different locations.

Remember the blow

The malware in question was a vulnerability in the application development process, in which tool developers were tricked into using software to create iOS map apps from a fake version of Xcode.

Apple quickly identified the problem and asked those responsible to recompile the codes, reducing effects such as system intrusions. Even phenomena of the period, such as Angry Birds 2, were on the list. Since the incident, the security process involving Xcode and the identification of malware have been improved by the company.


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