iOS Found A New Bug Breaking Wi-Fi On Devices


iOS: A new bug has been found that disrupts Wi-Fi on devices. After a bug that was discovered on iOS devices just 2 weeks ago and completely disables the ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks, another bug was discovered that eliminates connecting to Wi-Fi.

After a bug that completely eliminated the Wi-Fi feature on iOS devices in the past few weeks, a new bug was discovered soon after. Again, when this error is triggered, it completely disables Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi network name in the error that appeared 2 weeks ago was “%p%s%s%s%s%n”. If your phone was connected to a Wi-Fi network with that name, the Wi-Fi feature would be completely disabled. The error this time is also a Wi-Fi network name.

If you find a network named ‘%secretclub%power’ then don’t connect

“You can permanently disable the Wi-Fi of any iOS device by hosting a public Wi-Fi named ‘%secretclub%power’. Resetting the network settings is not a surefire solution for functionality.”

At this point, Wi-Fi network names using the ‘%s’, ‘%p’ and ‘%n’ character strings are now thought to cause the error. When you reset the network settings in the previous network name, the error was fixed and your phone could connect to the internet again. However, the person who revealed the problem says that the error persists this time despite resetting the network settings.

The only option that can be made at this point seems to be to factory reset the device. However, it should be noted that this is not a tested and approved way and there is no guarantee.


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