IOS benefits not available on Android


A comparison of Android and iOS has been made for many years. While Android attracts attention with its diversity and gathering different brands under one roof, iOS also attracts attention with its design and camera performance with its more stable experience. So, what are the advantages of iOS that are not available on Android?

IOS benefits not available on Android

Both operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Android enthusiasts boast about their freedom, iOS users boast that they have a stable experience on the software side and with phones that receive updates for a long time. On one side is Android that has been developed for years. Smartphone models of many technology giants such as Samsung, Huawei (Android has been used for many years, although it is not used now), Xiaomi, Oppo and many similar technology giants reach millions of people with Android.

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On the iOS side, a series and three models are released every year. For example, this year Apple made a difference and added a mini model to the iPhone 12 models. Introducing its new phones as iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple is very ambitious with its new features. Still don’t have the advantages of iOS over hundreds of Android phones? Of course there is; Here are the iOS advantages not available on Android:

Android has managed to attract users with its customizability for years. Especially compared to Android phones where it is possible to change themes, interface changes and change the general design, this was not possible on iPhones, but until iOS 14.

Customizable Widgets, also known as toolkits, which Android has been offering for years, came to iPhones with iOS 14. On top of that, the main screen design of the iOS operating system, which has remained stable for many years, has given iPhone users a space of movement as it can be customized more than ever.

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This feature, which colors iPhones, has become even more popular with applications such as Widgetsmith. This feature allows people to add special toolkits such as “Time, Date, Photos, Custom Text, Upcoming Events, Reminders, and Health and Event” that people can personalize to the home screen.

One of the biggest reasons people have preferred iOS for years is that the user interface is very responsive. It is much easier for developers to design mobile apps because there is only one phone model. For this reason, many mobile applications are developed based on iPhone, ie iOS. Due to the materials used, Apple feels premium in every model.

Jailbreak can be used for customization. An operating system that causes less heat compared to Android. It is possible to say that iOS is more intuitive compared to Android.

Among the advantages of iOS not available on Android: Simple interface

Android’de bulunmayan iOS avantajları

Another favorite thing users love about their iPhones is the simple interface and the ease of use offered by this. iPhone enables all apps and functions to work as Apple intended, which provides a very simple user experience. Often times, users see this as one of the best features of iPhone.

In addition, when it comes to consistency, iOS works similarly on previous iPhones. Making calls on iPhone is much simpler. Go to the left of the home page and start searching. iOS devices are also very compatible with accessories, so it is possible to easily connect and use accessories to the iPhone, whether Apple signed or not.

Android’de bulunmayan iOS avantajları

There is support for Microsoft Office 365. The official application, which includes all of Microsoft’s Office applications, can be used by iOS users with an active Office 365 subscription. Thanks to the iPhone’s support for Microsoft Office 365, users can access, view and edit files saved in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint without downloading a different application.

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Android benefits not available on the iOS side

Android’de bulunmayan iOS avantajları

iPhone offers fewer features, but does not have “apps that people think unnecessary to use”. Compared to the apps that Android users suffer from and cannot be deleted, the iPhone is freer.

Android gives users much more freedom than iPhone, but freedom can be costly. The malicious app is known to access millions of Android phones, corrupt them and steal important information from their owners. Many users paid the price of the virus attack on their phones with high sums on their bills.

Looking at last year’s figures, Google Play Store fails at this point. There are many criticisms for the Google app store, which is loaded with more than 25 thousand malware. The company, which does not control applications as much as Apple, seems to encounter security vulnerabilities.

Android’de bulunmayan iOS avantajları

Despite the many disadvantages that iPhone can have, it is generally known to be much more secure than Android phones and less security breaches. Even if security updates are given on the Android side, it seems that some users do not or cannot make these updates.

The reason for this is that not every update comes to every Android phone. Besides many users using older versions of Android, 77 percent of iPhone users are using iOS 13, that is, the current version.

The number of Android devices Google offers makes it almost impossible to keep all of them updated at the same level of security and the same amount of time and frequency. Also, it makes it difficult to distribute these updates to all users at the same time, as they have to be distributed across multiple brands and models. Updates are less frequent and devices are less supported.

IOS advantages not available on Android: iPhone 12s armored with Ceramic Plating

Android’de bulunmayan iOS avantajları

Ceramic Shield, which comes with iPhone 12 and is not available on Android phones, makes iPhones much stronger and more durable. This technology, which provides 4 times protection against breakages and bumps compared to the previous generation, has given the iPhone a significant advantage over Android phones.

MagSafe, which also comes with the iPhone 12 family, is among the important advantages. Thanks to this device, it can easily charge iPhone 12s. This charger, which can be easily attached to the back of iPhone 12s with its magnetic structure, was among the products that attracted attention at the event.

Android’de bulunmayan iOS avantajları

Again, we would like to remind you that the iPhone 12 is the first device that enables Dolby Vision HDR shots and editing. The video can be shot at up to 60 frames per second, and photos can be edited within the app or iMovie.

Dolby Vision is rendered live and thanks to the A14 Bionic processor, you won’t have any loss during editing. Apple’s Final Cut application will soon be updated to support Dolby Vision HDR, and you will be able to play your most recent video on Apple TV.

So, what do you think about the advantages of iOS that are not available on Android? Are you an Android user or an iOS user? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.


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