iOS 16 Developer Beta 4: All New features and Features Changes


The fourth beta version of iOS 16 for developers has been released with smaller improvements ahead of the upcoming September launch, marked by changes in recalled messages in both iMessage and Mail. iOS 16 is the next full version of Apple’s mobile operating system, which is currently undergoing beta testing periods before a wider release in the fall. The fourth beta version of iOS 16 for developers was released together with the second public beta, but these two software releases have significant differences. Developer beta versions are designed to be developed only by authorized Apple ID accounts, so these pre-release versions of the software are the first to get the latest features. Eventually, these features end up in the public beta version of the software and the final version.

As the developer beta nears two months since its first release and receives its fourth version, iOS 16, which will be released to the public, is starting to take shape. Apple unveiled the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, an event dedicated to developers and their creations. But in a few weeks after the main event, iOS 16 has undergone many changes. For example, two flagship features of the software version have been improved — a redesigned lock screen and an iMessage call. Similarly, new features have appeared in iOS 16 through beta versions for developers, which were not even announced at WWDC this year.

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One of the most important features announced as part of the upcoming iOS 16 release was the ability to edit and call up iMessage messages after they are sent. After the first beta version for developers was released, it became obvious that there was a catch – every device connected to iMessage via iCloud must be updated to the latest software versions in order for messages to disappear or change. Now, with the release of iOS 16 beta 4, there are even more restrictions on the new feature. iMessages can be edited no more than five times and only within 15 minutes after sending the message. The editing history is visible to the user if you touch the “Edited” icon under the message. Additionally, users can delete iMessage messages within two minutes of sending them. Mail also gets a new recall trick — users can now cancel sending a message within 30 seconds after sending, if this option is enabled.

Lock screen changes and live actions

Apple has consistently made changes to the lock screen user interface in the three previous beta versions for developers, and the fourth is no different. When you open the lock screen creation user interface, new settings appear that make it easier to understand the selection. There are new options at the bottom of the screen that allow you to make the lock screen a solid color, gradient, filtering or photo. Each widget field now has a “Add Widgets” prompt that identifies the fields more clearly to the end user. More importantly, Apple has released a beta version of ActivityKit, an API that will be used to create Live Activity widgets. They automatically appear at the bottom of the lock screen and indicate urgent and timely actions, such as tracking an Uber ride or a delivery order. Live Activity will not be ready for the fall release, but will appear in subsequent releases of iOS 16.

Other small changes in the iOS 16 beta for developers include a bolder music player on the lock screen and a volume slider that increases in size as you zoom in. There are also new wallpapers for scenes and rooms in the Home app with architectural and floral images and CarPlay wallpapers that complement iOS 16. In addition, according to the release notes, numerous bug fixes highlight the fourth beta for developers, indicating that the software is getting closer to the final product, which will be shipped in the fall.


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