iOS 15 Will Not Be Mandatory and Apple Will Update iPhones With iOS 14


iOS 15: For the first time in its history, Apple will support all customers who want to keep “old” operating systems on their iPhones, ensuring security updates for the devices. In this case, iOS 14, even after the release of iOS 15.

Until then, this kind of attention was only devoted to equipment incompatible with newer OSs. However, if the devices fit the new arrival lists, it was necessary to install the updates to receive additional protection features.

Even new versions of operating systems, despite the enhancements they carry, often have instabilities, fixed over time. That’s why there are those who prefer to wait a while to install them — and that audience, this time, won’t be exposed to the threats that arise after previous patches.

iOS 15 may be unavoidable

The measure will also benefit people and companies that need well-established systems for their daily tasks — and the requirement to update to maintain protection against eventual attacks used to generate irritation.

Anyway, whoever owns an iPhone 6s or newer, at some point, will be able to install iOS 15 — announced last Monday (7), during WWDC 21 — so as not to run out of proper support on iOS 14, the which will likely occur with the iOS 16 announcement in 2022.