iOS 15 shows that Apple and Google have a lot in common


iOS 15: After releasing the second developer preview, Apple released the first iOS 15 public beta to all users. So if you have an iPhone 6s or a newer model, you can try it all out before anyone else.

And the news is good and very easy to find. But, also, there are bugs that can annoy and disrupt the user experience. If you still want to install the beta version, please also read Apple’s problem reports. Then you prepare a little better about these problems.

“The iPhone is indispensable”

One of the first sentences said by Craig Federighi, Senior VP of Software Engineering, at Apple’s presentation, mentions that the iPhone has become indispensable for many of us. The idea behind iOS 15 is that it is adaptable and complementary to what we already have. Ie: is it a big update? IT’S. Completely change everything? No, it doesn’t.

But he divides iOS into four points: connectivity, focus, intelligence and “exploring the world around”. For example, FaceTime now lets you create call links for other Android users and PCs. But there are two features that are worth mentioning:

1) iOS 15 allows you to use voice isolation on microphones in most apps. Just pull out Control Center and tap the microphone icon, then choose between standard, isolation and broad-spectrum mode, which picks up surrounding noise.

2) In this same area, there is a button for the camera that allows you to use the system’s native “portrait mode”. It’s not any kind of social media effect, it’s all done by mobile. But remember: it might not work for all apps either.

Another new feature is SharePlay, which lets you make calls to other people to watch movies and series, or listen to music together, and even share your screen with other FaceTime participants.


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