iOS 15: SharePlay Function Will Not Be Available at Launch


One of the main features of iOS 15, SharePlay will not be available in the public release of the operating system. According to information, the tool will come to iPhones in a later update.

In addition to being left out of the iOS 15 debut, the function will also not be seen in early versions of iPadOS 15, tvOS 15 and macOS Monterey. This way, users will have to wait a few more months to use the feature.

The changes also affect app developers. In a statement, Apple revealed that SharePlay has been disabled from iOS 15 beta 6, iPadOS 15 and tvOS 15 and will not be available in the next macOS Monterey beta.

The Cupertino company has created a development profile that will allow creators to continue testing integration with the feature. This channel will also make it possible to send software updates when the systems are released.

“We are excited about the high level of enthusiasm from the developer community for SharePlay. We can’t wait to introduce users to the tool and they can try the apps with friends and family,” says Apple’s statement.

What is SharePlay?

Introduced during WWDC 2021, SharePlay is one of the most anticipated features of iOS 15. The function allows users to watch Apple TV movies and series or play Apple Music playlists synced to FaceTime.

To offer a broad experience with the tool, the company has partnered with streaming platforms such as Disney+, HBO Max and Twitch. Apparently, the novelty will not be compatible with Spotify and Netflix.

SharePlay must be available from iOS 15.1 or 15.2. Apple has not revealed additional details about the delay, which could indicate that the tool could take even a little longer to release.


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